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Greek Mythology

The Trojan War ( Iliad )

   The Trojan War is one of the most famous stories in Greek mythology. Even if one has never read Homer's "Iliad" most people have heard of this war which started over a woman. Her name was Helen, and she has come to be known as "the face that launched a thousand ships."

   In this section we have separated this story into chapters everyone can follow and understand. Every chapter is written in Greek and English. You can read about Troy, Sparta and such heroes as Achilles, Odysseus, Hector and Paris and also learn about the famous Trojan horse, which brought about the saying "beware of Greeks bearing gifts."

All pages below are Free!
  1. Beautiful Helen audio
  2. Eris' Apple audio
  3. Paris and the Goddesses audio
  4. Paris in Troy audio
  5. Paris and Helen audio
  6. Menelaus and Agamemnon audio
  7. Odysseus' Trick audio
  8. Achilles Joins the War audio
  9. The Greeks in Mysia audio
  10. In Avlida audio
  11. The Sacrifice of Iphigenia audio
  12. Filohtitis audio
  13. The First Battle audio
  14. The Negotiations With the Trojans audio
  15. The First 9 Years of War audio
  16. Palamidis' Death audio
  17. Achilles Withdraws From the War audio
  18. Achilles Asks His Mother For Help audio
  19. Paris' Decision audio
  20. Menelaus Fight With Paris audio
  21. Pandaros Aim at Menelaus audio
  22. Aias and Hector audio
  23. The Victory of the Trojans audio
  24. Agamemnon Tries to Reconcile with Achilles audio
  25. The Battle Near the Greek Camp audio
  26. The Battle Near the Ships audio
  27. Patroklos' Death audio
  28. The Battle for Patroklos' Body audio
  29. Achilles Reconcile with Agamemnon audio
  30. Hector's Death audio
  31. Priam Asks for his Son's Body
  32. The End of Achilles audio
  33. The Return of Filohtitis audio
  34. The Trojan Horse audio
  35. The Destruction of Troy audio
  36. The Return to Greece audio

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