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Testimonials, Comments and Suggestions

  Testimonials and comments from I Learn Greek.com users and visitors.
Check to see what our users think of us! For privacy purposes we won't post any full names.

An excellent course (2nd part) (6-6-2015)

   "While many online course are simply ripoffs and let you wonder what you have learned after paying, your course is excellent value for money. My special thanks to the person(s) who compiled and recorded the vocabulary sections; I know how tedious this kind of work can be but your students greatly appreciate it!"
U. B.

An excellent course (1st part) (6-6-2015)

   "I studied 14 other languages and teach languages before I found your course. Although or because I was made to learn ancient Greek in High School, I thought I could not pluck up the courage to learn Modern Greek. But your course is greatly helping me.

I especially appreciate the logical presentation of grammar and the extensive vocabulary you offer."
U. B.

Thank you for a great site. (11-19-2011)

I have just renewed my subscription for a further year. Just a few words of praise for your great site.
I find it extremely useful and it covers even difficult aspects of the language in a clear way that is easy to understand and use. I have been studying Greek at a Greek Saturday class for a couple of years and like to suppliment that with using your site.
Paul B. "

Interactive Quiz (1-7-2011)

Tried the new interactive flash cards quiz - would like more like this - great idea.

ilearngreek.com (2-17-2008)

I have been using the above website for about six weeks now and have been very impressed with it. I am basically self-taught in Greek (my speaking is still AWFUL) and I struggled for a couple years with the only Greek text book available at the time.
Thanks to your website, I have been able to figure out many things that my other book simply could not explain.
One problem I have is remembering words. Your "Vocabulary Quizzes" section is very helpful and fun to use. But would it be possible to incorporate ALL words into this section? I know sometimes these things are easier said than done and I just wanted to suggest this.

Thank you again for creating such a useful website. Wish me luck! I am determined to master the language!
Jackie B."

Broken List (10-2-2007)

"Thank you, Steve. You're very kind.
P.S. I love the vocabulary lists with accompanying pronunciation. It's a great way for a beginner to learn the correct pronunciation of new words."

Thank you so much! (12-27-2006)

   I just want to thank you for creating this awesome website! My son, 13, and daughter, 15, live in Greece with their father who is a State Department employee.
They are both learning the Greek language. During their holiday vacation with me, I’ve been asked to help them work on their Greek projects. They seem to both be failing. Not good. However, I found your website. And, I think it is well organized and will enable them to succeed with catching up and passing their classes. I’m having them go through the first 6 lessons for a refresher. Then, I’ll have them proceed to the latter lessons. We have about 10 days together, but I think combined with your website, their due diligence and hard work, and my working with them, I believe they’ll succeed. Not to mention, perhaps they’ll be able to converse with the locals too.
I believe your prices are more than reasonable for the amount of information and assistance you give us.

Again, thank you so much!
Happy Holidays,


I like very much your program. (10-25-2006)

   I like very much your program. Now I try to read the Greek Mythology. May you write please also the mythos of Eros and Psyche. I remember it from my childhood. Thanks again for these wonderful lessons. I tried also other courses, but for me this seems to be the efficient one.

Flash Cards. (5-1-2006)

   "Hi Steve,
   Συγχαρητήρια! Suycharitiria!! Oi κάρτες έιναι θαυμάσιες. Your flash cards are wonderful. And, you don't have to be a kid to find the fun and useful for learning. The added visual is very powerful for memory...
Chronia pola! kai Christos Anesti!
M. A. W."

Your Website. (8-11-2005)

   "Dear Mr. Aronis,
   First of all I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful job you did in your web site. I am the instructor of Modern Greek at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and I was searching in the Internet to find additional web sources to support my teaching of Modern Greek. I was wondering if I could use your web site to enhance my teaching. Please let me know how I should proceed in order for me and my students to have access to your web site. Thank you very much for your attention!

V. R.
The Onassis Foundation Lecturer in Modern Greek Studies
Co-editor of Theatron
University of Missouri-Saint Louis"

Membership. (7-2-2005)

   "Dear Sirs,
   Thanks for the invaluable website and sound files. We had a marvelous trip through Greece. Part of our enjoyment certainly hinged on a basic background in the language provided at your site. Thanks again, you needn’t extend my present membership past the September cutoff date.
Yours sincerely,
B W"

More Verbs. (10-11-2004)

   "I like your site, but am disappointed that the vocabulary games and vocabulary quizzes only use nouns. Can we expect to see a wider range of vocabulary soon? Thanks!
V B"

We Have replied to this Message and the customer sent us the following email:
"Thank you. Such impressive service! I look forward to seeing the new items.
V B"

Greek to English Dictionary. (9-20-2004)

   "Dear Creators of I LearnGreek.com, Recently I joined your web site. I noticed you have a English to Greek Dictionary search engine which is useful. I would also think that a Greek-English dictionary search engine would be useful. Many times I hear a Greek song and hear a word that have not heard before and try to find the meaning of it. Sometimes I might read something I do not know the meaning of. Other times I might be talking to someone that says something that I have never heard the word of. In my opinion the search for a word that you heard or read creates a larger desire to learn what that word means than what you yourself think you should know. Of course one can argue the opposite and would also be correct, that is to have a good English-Greek dictionary. If you were to cover both then, that would be the best. Maybe you have plans for this or maybe which I am sure other people have already mentioned this. Thanks for the work into the site and I will continue to use it.

E S"

Greece Place Names: Olympics. (7-29-2004)

   "I subscribed to you site primarily for the pronunciation of the Olympic Cities and Venues. Can you include these on your web site as soon as possible, as many international visitors are struggling with the correct pronunciations.
As a television broadcaster, it is very important to get the inflection and pronunciation correct.
Please e-mail me with your thoughts on this subject.
Further, I must congratulate you and your team on such an informative and easy to use web site. Well done.
Kind regards,
R N!"

We Have replied to this Message and the customer sent us the following email:
"Dear Steve,
Wow, I am amazed at the truly quick response. I just wrote another e-mail with the venues, only to find that you received my first message. I'll let everyone know about your web site, and what it has to offer. Again, thank-you for your consideration.
Kind regards,
R N"

An interactive site that really helps you learn Greek. (2-27-2004)

   "I have been studying Greek for 5 years now, off and on. This site has really helped me develop my memorization of vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar like articles and verb endings. Best of all it works with games and self-testing with instant feedback that makes the words stick in my head.
It is constantly growing and has a support system that really does help!
M. A. W."
"Five star review at Amazon.com"

Wonderfull WebSite. (9-18-2002)

  "Dear Tina, Pete and Efstathios,

I have been searching the net now for some time in the hope of finding a "Learn Greek" site to assist me with my studies.
As you know there are a few out there, however, I must say that the layout, content (well your whole site actually) is certainly the best I have seen. I have been trying to get my work colleagues interested in learning Greek and they only showed great interest when I emailed them your web page. Although I have not registered as yet, I intend to in the future (a little closer to my exams) as I am sure your site will also benefit my revision.

My congratulations to all three of you on a very well presented site.
Keep up the good work

Kindest regards
M. H."

Alpha. (8-26-2002)

  "Hi, just seen your excellent website.....I may enroll.
I have studied Greek at basic level. Just wondered why you put in one lesson to pronounce alpha as "a" as in father.....its pronounced as a short A as in map....not as "ar" as in father. Just thought it was a bad example. Once learn wrong it can take ages to re-learn. Maybe regional accents account for it but this is why an example that can only be a short "a" would be better....
Yia sou and
Best wishes,

R. B.

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