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I Learn Greek.com Terms and Conditions.


  • ILG can free parts of, or all the website, and introduce or discontinue sales or promotions without notice.
  • Our lessons directory includes audio only in the lessons where it is deemed necessary.
  • Our dictionary is not complete. it contains less than 20,000 words and its there for help purposes only.
  • Educational organizations please contact us to get more information about membership.


   This site is intended for educational purposes, and individual use only *. The material therein is copyrighted and is prohibitive for the following purposes.
  You may not make copies for purposes of resale, distribution, publication, teaching supplements and or means of copyright infringement. However, you may as a registered user, make copies for personal study when not signed into your account.

Promotions & Sales

   I Learn Greek.com reserves the right to introduce, change or discontinue any promotions, sales or prices without notice.
ILG will not issue refunds because of a sale or price change.
When a membership refers to "free account for a person you choose", that account must be to another person and not yourself (or immediate family). You must email us with the info of that person (name, address, telephone, email address, password).
Check our different membership prices at pricing.

Login in to the Site

   I Learn Greek.com is not responsible if you can not login because the server was down, or because you have any problems with your personal computer equipment. However, we will try to solve any problem that you have, if you email support and provide a telephone number and the time that you can be reached.
I Learn Greek.com keeps records of the users that are logging in. Included in these records are the date and time that the site was accessed, the name of the user, the password, the email address, and the ip address.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  We have included a "preview" section in our site. If you think you might be interested in signing up, we strongly recommend that you go through our preview section
before registering and going through the payment process with your credit card

Our preview section allows you to see how I Learn Greek.com is set up. If you think the site will be beneficial to you after going through the preview, only then should you proceed with your sign up and payment.
Once your payment is processed, if for any reason you want a refund, i learn greek.com will refund your money upon request within 5 days of the registration.
After 5 days has passed, I learn Greek.com has a no refund policy.

Website Payment and Usage

   When you submit a payment, this payment frees the website for a specific time frame. I Learn Greek.com is not responsible if you did not login to the site to study within this time frame, and will not add any days to your account. When your subscription is expired you must go through the payment process again to acquire more days. When you are an active subscriber you can login to the site as many times as you want to. Don't share your login information with others as this will terminate your account. Sharing your account information is a violation of the terms and agreements and also violation of international copyright laws.

Newsletters, e-mails or Testimonials

   As a member you agree to receive our newsletters. You can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link on the newsletter. Any e-mail that we receive from you might be used as testimonial for our site. We will not display the full name of the sender/user.
We'll only display first names or just initials.
Credentials of the sender/user might be displayed.


   In order to be a keep the subscription prices low, we might introduce and place ads in many pages of the website. Each page will have no more than 3 ads. The Subscription/paid pages will not have ads.
If you are an active subscriber and you see ads after you login to your account, please let us know.

   You acknowledge that you have read this agreement, you understand this agreement, and understand that by clicking the "I understand and agree to the terms" of the aforementioned disclaimer you agree to be bound by this agreement's terms and conditions.

  This agreement is a complete and exclusive statement of the rights and liabilities of you the end user.
   This agreement supersedes any and all prior oral agreements, proposals or understandings, and any other communications between "I Learn Greek.com" and you relating to the subject matter of this agreement.

   * Schools, churches, universities or any other educational organization who wish to affiliate themselves with "I Learn Greek.com" click contact us to send us a message or subscribe, by choosing one of our group subscription plans.

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