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Learn to Read Greek

Lesson 3 Greek Grammar

  Ok. You've learned the alphabet and how each letter sounds. Also in lesson 2 you've learned the double letters and their sounds. I'm assuming now that you want to use your knowledge. Let's learn how to read Greek!
  The easy thing about reading Greek is that you pronounce all the letters. There is no such thing as a silent letter.
  Keeping that in mind, and of course knowing the sound of the letters and doubles, let's try to read the following  examples:

Pay special attention to the first example. It shows the way
that you should be thinking, and putting together the sounds of the letters, in order to read and say each word. Click on the syllable or the word to hear it.

Example 1

Table 3.1
Μαμά: We have the letters μ,α,μ,α. Put the sounds together.
The letter M as the m in "Mother".
The letter α as the a in "Father".
So the first syllable is pronounced ma.
The same for the second syllable.
So we have the word "μαμά", which means "Mom".

Example 2

Table 3.2
Πατέρας: We have the letters Π,α,τ,ε,ρ,α,ς. Put the sounds together syllable by syllable.
Π and α = Πα - sounds pa
τ and ε = τε - sounds te
ρ and α and ς = ρας - sounds ras
All together it is "πατέρας" which means "father"

Example 3

Table 3.3
Ουρανός: We have the letters ο,υ,ρ,α,ν,ο,ς. Put the sounds together syllable by syllable.
ου = Double letter - sounds ou as in Lou
ρ and a = ρα - sounds ra
ν and ο and ς = νος - sounds nos
All together it is "ουρανός" which means "sky"

Example 4

Table 3.4
Τζάκι: We have the letters τ,ζ,α,κ,ι. Put the sounds together syllable by syllable.
τζ and α = τζα Double letter - sounds dg as in dg in lodge, and a sounds dga
κ and ι = κι - sounds kee
All together it is "τζάκι" which means "fireplace"

   You might notice the little mark on the top of some letters.
We call that "Τόνος" (accent). Be patient you'll learn all about it in Lesson 5.

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