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The Odyssey

Greek Mythology

   The Odyssey is the other epic that Homer wrote. It is about the ten years that it took king Odysseus to return to his island Ithaca after the Trojan War had ended. In this section we have broken up these ten years into chapters where you can read about Odysseus' adventures on his way home and also what happened once he got there. Read about how he outsmarted the Cyclops, got away from the Sirens, and what happened on the island of Calypso, all to get back to his wife Penelope and son Telemachus.

   Click on the links below to take you to the chapter that you would like to study, or start from the first link and keep reading this amazing story. The following chapters are in English and Greek.
  1. Returning to Greece audio
  2. Odysseus audio
  3. Cicones and the Lotus Eaters audio
  4. The Island of the Cyclops Part 1 audio
    The Island of the Cyclops Part 2 audio
  5. The Island of Aeolus audio
  6. Odysseus and the Laestrygonians audio
  7. On the Island of Circe audio
  8. The Kingdom of the Dead audio
  9. The Sirens audio
  10. Skylla and Charybdis audio
  11. The Cattle of the Sun audio
  12. On the Island of Calypso audio
  13. The Island of Phaeacians audio
  14. The Suitors audio
  15. The Assembly of the People of Ithaca audio
  16. Telemachus and Nestor audio
  17. Telemachus and Menelaus audio
  18. Odysseus and Nausicaa audio
  19. Odysseus and Alcinous audio
  20. Odysseus in Ithaca audio
  21. Odysseus and Eumaeus audio
  22. Telemachus Returns to Ithaca audio
  23. Telemachus Meets his Father audio
  24. Odysseus in the Palace audio
  25. Odysseus and Penelope audio
  26. Odysseus Strings his Bow audio
  27. Odysseus Kills the Suitors audio
  28. Odysseus Reveals Himself to Penelope audio
  29. Odysseus and Laertes audio
  30. Peace in Ithaca audio

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